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Hair Extensions Services

Straighten your hair and hair extensions quickly using the ghd glide hot brush. Give your hair a fresh look every day by creating various style curls using the different width barrels that come with the muk curl stick.

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Why Choose Tape-In Hair Extensions?

If you are dreaming about having beautiful long hair but don’t necessarily want to wait for your hair to grow out, tape in hair extensions is the perfect solution! Here at Cutters Hairdressing, we have the largest range of tape in hair extensions. We want every woman to feel beautiful in their own skin, and sometimes the simple addition of quality tape hair extensions can make all the difference. How you look could discern your self-esteem and confidence, so why not emulate your best self? We want our tape hair extensions to give you the self-assurance to look and feel heavenly stunning.

Tape extensions are not bulky like many traditional hair extensions, making them a popular choice for women with thin or fine hair. We utilise the latest technology in the ever-changing hair industry, leaving messy glue and painful wefts behind. With a single-method application no longer will apply your hair extensions be such a tedious task.

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Why Choose Our Clip In Hair Extensions?